How To Create a Fun Halloween Snack Board

Don’t you just love a good charcuterie board or snack board?? I had so much fun making this one, and can’t wait to show you how to create a fun Halloween snack board!!

I love getting creative and thinking outside the box when I am putting together a themed snack board, cheese board or a charcuterie board!

The thought of Halloween being right around the corner made me start thinking of a fun Halloween snack board idea.

Last year, I created a fall themed board but it wasn’t really a Halloween board.

I have enjoyed creating traditional charcuterie boards for quite a while, but in the past year discovered that I love making a seasonal or themed board.

fall charcuterie board on wood cutting board white mini pumpkin filled with olives white bowl of dried apricots crackers cheeses

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The term “charcuterie” refers to the preparing of meats, like prosciutto, salami, etc., but more recently when people say charcuterie, they are referring to a fun, meat and cheese board that usually includes, cured meats, cheeses, crackers, nuts, fruits and veggies.


Here are a few ideas of what to put on a charcuterie or snack board:

cured meats
a variety of cheeses
fresh fruit
dried fruits
fresh veggies
crackers or small bread slices
jelly, jam or a dipping sauce
and you can even add a few sweet items to the board, if you like.


The first thing to put on your board is the larger items, such as a wheel of cheese or small bowls to serve things in.

For example, on this Valentine charcuterie board, I used several small white bowls and a heart shaped Valentine candy box.

valentine charcuterie board

Arrange the items evenly around your board.

After you have placed those anchor pieces, you will then place cheeses and meats.

When you have your main items placed on your board, you can begin filling in with smaller items, like nuts, dried fruits, olives, etc.


A large cutting board, a large platter or even a cookie sheet would work great to make your charcuterie or snack board.

If you are only entertaining a small group of friends, you could even use smaller boards.


Look for things that are festive for the season or the colors of the season. For example, for Halloween, you would look for orange, white or black foods or Halloween shapes.

Here is an example of a black and white board I did for New Year’s Eve last year.

New Years charcuterie board with cookie cutters numbers filled with nuts, chocolates berries then cheeses all around numbers

Halloween cookies would be a fun addition, or if you live in an area where there is a Trader Joe grocery store, they have all sorts of fun seasonal foods, including leaf shape tortilla chips, and maple leaf shaped cookies.

Halloween oreos, gummy worms, candy eyeballs are a few other fun ideas for a “spooky season” board.

You can also add a few non edible things to finish off your board. Like plastic spiders, a small skeleton, a skeleton hand or even mini pumpkins.

Another fun idea is to cut shapes with cookie cutters out of meats and cheeses. You can cut bat shapes, pumpkin shapes, etc. to use on your festive Halloween charcuterie board.

a list of orange and black foods (and neutrals)


dried apricots
candy corn
candy pumpkins
peach or apricot jam
orange cheeses
pimento cheese
mandarin oranges

White or light color:

white cheeses
pear or apple slices, peeled
banana slices
white chocolate
mini marshmallows

Black or dark color:

black olives or greek kalamata olives
dark grapes
chocolate chips
chocolate-covered pretzels, or almonds
dark tortilla chips


fresh veggies, like carrots, broccoli and celery sticks
fresh fruits
veggie chips
dried fruits
whole grain crackers
peanut butter
turkey deli meat
string cheese

my fun Halloween charcuterie board

halloween snack board on wooden cutting board with meats cheeses small cauldron bowls small skeleton on top "tomb' brie cheese candy corn tiny plastic spiders scattered over board

For this Halloween themed board, I started with a large wooden rectangle cutting board.

I cut a spider web out of waxed paper to lay on top of my board and let hang over the sides.

I placed my spider web on the board then started with my larger items first, which was 2 small plastic cauldrons used as bowls and a white mini pumpkin.

Next, I laid round crackers and pepperoni pieces down the center of my board and put a small plastic skeleton on top.

halloween snack board on wooden cutting board with meats cheeses small cauldron bowls small skeleton on top "tomb' brie cheese candy corn tiny plastic spiders scattered over board

Then, I begin filling in with the other things I wanted to use on my board, and arranged them until I had the look I wanted.

I added brie cheese cut into a tomb shape with a bit of raspberry chipotle jam and a knife sticking out the top.

Peeled mandarin oranges with pretzel sticks as a stem and mint leaf resemble pumpkins.

I used a cookie cutter to cut “BOO” letters out of mozzarella cheese slices, then laid them on top of gouda cheese slices. The difference in the colors of cheese helped the word stand out.

Large pimento stuffed olives standing on their end, resemble eyeballs.

I filled in extra spaces with blueberries, dried apricots, and small crackers.

The cauldron bowls were filled with candy corn and pimento cheese. I used a sandwich bag and cut the corner off, filled with greek yogurt and piped the look of a spider web on top of the pimento cheese.

The witches hat on top of the white mini pumpkin was made from a Ritz cracker and an ice cream cone. I cut the cone down to be shorter and dipped it in peanut butter so it would stick to the cracker. The little witches broom was part of a napkin ring I’ve had for a while but I’m sure there are similar things at the craft store in the Halloween decor this time of year.

Lastly, I sprinkled tiny plastic spiders around the board to complete my “spooky” Halloween board.

halloween snack board on wooden cutting board with meats cheeses small cauldron bowls small skeleton on top "tomb' brie cheese candy corn tiny plastic spiders scattered over board

I hope you enjoyed seeing how to create a fun Halloween snack board and found some inspiration to create your own.

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halloween snack board on wooden cutting board with meats cheeses small cauldron bowls small skeleton on top "tomb' brie cheese candy corn tiny plastic spiders scattered over board pinterest graphic

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