Valentine Charcuterie Board

I thought it would be fun to create a Valentine charcuterie board for a casual dinner at home on Valentine’s Day.

We typically love to go out for dinner, but not on that day. It is usually incredibly hard to get into a restaurant and the wait is unbelievable! If, by chance, you can get a reservation it is most likely a set menu and the prices are ridiculous!

Instead, I cook a nice meal at home, and I thought this charcuterie board would be a nice and fun addition. So, I want to share what I used for this board.

things I used for my V’day board

valentine charcuterie board

I purchased a small box of Valentine chocolates at the grocery store for $1.00. I took the chocolates out and added rosemary marcona almonds. These Rosemary Cashews would be a perfect addition, as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t think about it at the time.

I had a small heart shaped cookie cutter on hand, so I cut provolone cheese slices into heart shapes.

I cut the tops off of strawberries and cut a V shape in the top to resemble hearts.

valentines charcuterie board

Raspberries seemed like a perfect addition, but when I was washing them, some fell apart, so I used those to top a wedge of brie cheese.

As usual, Trader Joe’s came through with some fun things to add. These small chocolate heart cookies and tiny chocolate heart candies were great for a bite of something sweet. And a box of beet crackers were perfect because of the color.

I grabbed a bundle of sweetheart roses for $5 and used the heads sporadically throughout my board for garnish.

Crackers were tucked in here and there to fill spaces, and a finishing touch was a few candy canes left from Christmas. I put 2 together to form a heart for a fun addition to the board.

And my favorite part was rolling pepperoni into a rose shape.

To make these…..

pepperoni roses

pepperoni roses for a charcuterie board

Lay the pepperoni out, overlapping each slice. I used about 18-20 slices for each rose.

pepperoni roses for charcuterie board

Start at one end and begin rolling it.

pepperoni roses for a charcuterie board

Keep rolling until you get the entire stack rolled up.

pepperoni rose

And voile’, you have a super cute addition to your charcuterie board!

This board turned out so yummy, my 1 year old granddaughter was even joining in!

valentine charcuterie board

If you make a Valentine’s charcuterie board, I would love to hear what you used!

If you need a fun dessert for your Valentine’s dinner, these Linzer Heart Cookies would be perfect! And here is some fun Valentine’s tablescape inspiration.


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  1. This is such a fun idea. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you for sharing friend!

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