How To Create a Clock Themed Snack Board for New Year’s

Are you hosting a New Year’s Eve party, or have one to attend? I’m going to show you how to create a clock themed snack board for New Year’s that will be the show stopper at your next gathering.

I just love creating themed charcuterie boards, snack boards or a grazing board!

clock theme snack board with half clock face numbers white and dark foods pretzel clock hands

I love shopping thrift stores and estate sales because I enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Finding treasures amongst things that others have discarded and thinking of new ways to use them is so much fun for me.

I think that is why I enjoy making themed boards, because it’s the thrill of finding the food items to add to my board in a creative way.

For example, if I am creating a Halloween board, I would want to use black and orange food items. So, I go on the “hunt” exploring all the different foods I could use for my board.

If I am doing a dessert board, then this narrows my search to only foods that would fall into the dessert or sweets category.

Or, if I am creating a savory board, this would be different foods than the dessert board, and so on.

The best part is, there are no rules so it’s the perfect time to use your imagination to create a fun and delicious charcuterie board.

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designing a New Year’s clock themed board

My inspiration for a clock themed board was not only that clocks were an obvious theme for New Year’s, but also I had some cute number cookie cutters that I thought would be perfect for the numbers on my clock face.

However, the number cookie cutters are rather large, so it would have made a ginormous snack board to use all 12 numbers.

I decided to create 1/2 of a clock for my New Year’s board.

I started with a large rectangle wooden cutting board as my base.

Next, I placed the numbers 1-6 spaced out around the board. It isn’t laid out exactly like clock numbers because I only had one number 1 and one number 2, so I couldn’t make a 12, as well.

But, you certainly get the idea even if the numbers aren’t exactly in the correct place.

foods to use for a New Year’s Eve charcuterie board

I wanted to use the traditional New Year’s Eve celebration colors of black and white for my board.

Also I wanted, for the most part, to have savory snacks on my board with just a few sweet items.

First thing, I started making a list of black or white foods that would fit inside the cooke cutter numbers.

I decided to use darker foods inside the numbers and keep the rest of the board light colors.

This was a great way to make the numbers really show up.

This one was a bit of a challenge, but it worked out fine using blueberries, blackberries, black grapes, chocolate covered almonds, yogurt covered raisins and greek olives.

Even though all of these aren’t black they are dark enough that they worked just fine on this board.

Next, I planned out the lighter color foods to fill in around the numbers.

Three kinds of white hard cheeses, 2 different kind of light color crackers, popcorn, and cauliflower were the items I used for this board. You could also use white soft cheeses like goat cheese, brie, blue cheese, etc.

Lastly, I made my favorite cheese ball recipe into mini cheese balls to border the outside edge of the clock to give it some definition.

the easiest and most delicious cheese ball recipe

cream cheese ball with crackers and rosemary sprig on white plate on top of white pedestal and green plant in background

About 32 years ago, one of my closest friends from high school hosted a baby shower for me.

She served this cheese ball, and I fell in love with it.

It became one of my favorite things to make for get togethers or for just a simple appetizer at home.

One of the reasons I love it so much is that it is so creamy and mild.

Most of the cheese ball recipes I have had in the past were cheddar cheese balls and they were much to bold for my taste.

I make this often as a large cheese ball, but also love to make it as mini cheese balls.

Putting a fun and festive pick in the center of the mini cheese ball is the perfect way to serve these during the holiday season.

You should definitely try this cheese ball for your next party!

how to create a clock themed snack board for New Year’s – assembling my board

clock theme snack board with half clock face numbers white and dark foods pretzel clock hands

Since my number cookie cutters were already placed, I filled them with the dark food items I had planned for the numbers.

Next, I placed a small white bowl filled with kalamata olives as the dial for my clock

One of the light colored crackers was used to border the straight edge of my clock.

Then, I cut the cheeses into squares and some of them into cubes, just to change it up a bit.

I placed the 3 cheeses around the numbers, then placed one of the white crackers on the board.

The popcorn and cauliflower were great for filling in empty spaces between the cheeses and crackers.

I made a border around the outer rounded edge of the clock with mini cheese balls, just to give a bit of definition. I thought it was a unique way to finish off this fun charcuterie board.

Lastly, I placed 2 pretzel rods to resemble the hands of the clock.

When I have made this clock themed board in the past, I have used skinny breadsticks for the hands.

charcuterie board made to look like a clock for New Year's Eve

other ideas for foods to use for a black and white snack board

black/dark color foods:
black beans
chocolate candies
black grapes
black mission figs
black lentils

white/light color foods:
white mushrooms
apple slices (without the peel)
pear slices (without the peel)
cucumber slices (without the peel)
white candies
boiled eggs

other snack board food ideas (not black or white)

fresh fruits
dried fruits
any of your favorite cheeses
a variety of meats like pepperoni, salami, or prosciutto
sweet treats that are finger foods

thinking outside the box to create a themed charcuterie board

There are SO many options for foods to use for a snack or charcuterie board.

Think outside the box when creating your boards, and don’t get stuck in what you think a traditional charcuterie board can have on it.

Yes, a traditional charcuterie board is mostly made up of meats and cheeses. But that doesn’t mean that YOUR board has to have just those things.

Don’t let the “rules” stifle your imagination. No one is the charcuterie boss of you!!

For example, I used a small bowl filled with greek olives for the center/dial of my clock.

However, this could have been anything small and round that is edible.

How about an oreo cookie, a moon pie or even a round of brie covered with black olive tapenade??

You see how many options there are when you just use your imagination?

I hope you enjoyed see how to create a clock themed snack board for New Year’s.

I would love to hear if you make your own!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

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How To Create a Clock Themed Snack board for New Year’s

clock theme snack board with half clock face numbers white and dark foods pretzel clock hands

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