The Best Creative Serving Ideas for a Fall Party

Do you need entertaining ideas for the remainder of the fall season?? I have some of the best creative serving ideas for a fall party to share with you.

I don’t know about you, but I just love hosting a get together with friends in the fall.

The crisp fall weather makes it the perfect time of year to have an outdoor party.

6 photos of creative serving ideas for fall

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Last year, I made an ice bucket out of a foam pumpkin.

It was so easy to make and turned out so cute. More about this below.

I decided to use the same type foam pumpkin and make a holder for bag wine.

I know a lot of wine drinkers aren’t fond of boxed wine, but it’s a perfect way to serve a lot of people and keep it budget friendly.

There are some other options for using this pumpkin wine bag holder, if you aren’t a wine drinker and refuse to serve boxed wine.

This faux pumpkin wine bag holder is my favorite fall serving DIY ever!

supplies for pumpkin wine bag holder

13″ foam pumpkin
box cutter
sharp knife
beverage stand

directions for making a creative wine server from a foam pumpkin

Using a box cutter, you want to score a line around the top of the pumpkin where you want to remove the top.

You will need an opening about 8″ wide.

Then, use a sharp knife to carefully cut completely through to remove the top.

Next, using the same method, cut a circle shape opening about 2″ in diameter close to the bottom of the pumpkin. This is where the spigot will come out.

Remove the bag of wine from the box, and gently place it inside the pumpkin.

You will need to carefully work from side to side placing the bag into the pumpkin so you don’t break the bag.

Next, pull the spigot through the 2″ hole you have cut.

You may have to trim away a little if you haven’t cut an opening quite large enough for the spigot to fit all the way through.

Replace the top, place on a beverage stand to raise the spigot high enough to fit a glass underneath it.

And that’s it!

Now you have a super cute serving idea for a fall party.

You can use this same idea with a real pumpkin, but it is very messy.

The best part is, by using the foam pumpkin, you can save it to use from year to year.

white faux pumpkin with wine bag with spigot inside standing on woven beverage stand

other ways to use a foam pumpkin for serving drinks

If you aren’t a wine drinker or you don’t want to serve boxed wine, the good new is you can order an empty bag with a spigot and fill with whatever drink you like.

You could certainly add your favorite wine, or you could mix up pumpkin apple cider sangria or a fun cocktail for a fall dinner party.

Wouldn’t it be so much fun to make up several of these pumpkin wine holders, add different wines and have a wine tasting party?

Or, how about making one of these for a tailgate party during fall football season?

A non-alcoholic punch for a shower or party is a great idea too.

And what about apple cider for a Halloween party or fall-themed party?

You can add a kid friendly drink, like lemonade or kool-aid.

This cute serving pumpkin would be a great option for serving water too.

It would be cute for a pumpkin carving party or Halloween party if you add a jack o lantern face on it.

You could use a sharpie marker and draw a face or cut shapes out of black adhesive and stick on.

pumpkin ice bucket

If you missed my pumpkin ice bucket DIY, you can see all of the details here.

But basically all you need is a 13″ foam pumpkin.

These pumpkins come in white or orange.

I chose the white one since most of my decor, even seasonal decor, is neutral.

This pumpkin container can be used to fill ice, ice down water bottles or soft drinks, or chill a bottle of wine or champagne.

If you want to use it for an ice bucket and are afraid of the inside of the pumpkin not being food safe, you can line it with a plastic wrap. Then just add an ice scoop and you have a quick and creative fall ice bucket.

the best serving ideas for a fall party

Here are a few other fall serving and entertaining ideas for fall holidays…

Simple and unique place cards for a fall table

fall place cards with wheat stalk and quote on top of fall place setting

These place cards are perfect for any fall party.

They are so simple to make and add a unique touch to each place setting.

You can make them ahead, as soon as your guest list is finalized.

Or, you can also use them for seasonal quotes instead of a guests name.

Try using these at your Thanksgiving dinner for a finishing touch to your table setting.

They make great conversation starters.

pumpkin shape cheeseball with real pumpkin stem on charcuterie board

Make my favorite cheese ball recipe and shape into a pumpkin.

Use a fat pretzel or a real pumpkin stem for the stem of the pumpkin shaped cheeseball.

I like to save the pumpkin stems from my real pumpkins each year.

Just cut the stem off before you throw the pumpkin out.

Cut as close to the stem, leaving as little of the pumpkin meat, as possible.

Lay them out of a paper towel to dry for several days.

When they are completely dried out, you can store them to use for next years projects.

pumpkin stems laying out to dry cut off the top of real pumpkins from the season

These dried pumpkin stems are a great way to make a faux pumpkin look so much more realistic. Just remove the plastic stem on a faux pumpkin and hot glue a real stem.

Like I mentioned above, I like to add a real pumpkin stem to a cheeseball shaped like a pumpkin for a unique touch.

The tiny pumpkin stems from the mini pumpkins are perfect for this.

You might also like this adorable pumpkin placemat DIY that my friend Wendy from WM Design House created.

handmade burlap pumpkin placemats

more of the best creative serving ideas for a fall party plus some tablescape inspiration

How To Set a Fabulous Pie Buffet Table for Thanksgiving….

PIe buffet table for Thanksgiving cornucopia with pumpkins centerpiece wooden and woven cake plates/risers large pies and mini pies on cake stands plates stacked and napkins tied with silverware stacked

Easy Ideas for Creating a Simple Fall Tablescape

place setting for a simple fall tablescape sheet music placemat white dinner plate layered with white salad plate large dried leaf on plate silverware tied with striped ribbon on plate

An Outdoor Fall Party Tablescape….

fall tablescape with amber glasses, plaid napkins tied in a knot, white dinner plates, dried leaves on top of plates and fall florals in a large amber vase in center of table

A Woodsy Theme Tablescape for Fall….

woodsy theme place setting with brown paper plaid tablerunner twig placemat brown transferware dinner plate with brown transferware salad plate on top white linen napkin with 2 feathers on top silverware in a tray lined with green moss to the left of the place setting amber vases with pine branches for centerpiece amber bottles with tapers for centerpiece antlers acorns and horse applesfor table

Easy and Unique Ideas for a Chili Cook-Off Party

place setting white enamelware plate with cast iron skillet on top sitting on wood board

and a few of my favorite fall recipes…

These recipes are a good idea for any fall gathering.

As soon as cooler weather is in full swing, one of my favorite things is to invite friends or family over.

Whether you are gathered around a fire pit, watching a football game or just enjoying conversation these recipes are perfect, and sure to be crowd pleasers.

The Most Amazing Pumpkin Cheesecake

slice of pumpkin cheesecake on a white plate with a fork beside and sitting on a cutting board and a dollop of whipped cream on top

Pumpkin Buttermilk Pie with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

pumpkin buttermilk pie with cinnamon whipped cream piped on top on wicker platter

Fall Candy Snack Mix….

white bowl with candy corn chocolate chips peanuts measurig scoop mini white pumpkin letter board that says fall snack mix

Easy White Bean Chicken. Chili Crockpot Recipe

small cast iron skillet filled with white bean chicken chili

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the best creative serving ideas for a fall party and try some for your own fall gatherings!

blessings and happy fall,

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6 photos of creative serving ideas for fall

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