How to Make an Ice Bucket with a Faux Pumpkin

I just love the fall season and hosting friends and family. I want to show you how to make an ice bucket with a faux pumpkin to use for all of your fall celebrations and events.

This pumpkin ice bucket I created last year was so fun to use for parties and events.

My guests really loved it and it added such a special and unusual element to my fall get togethers.

Like this fall celebration….

fall tablescape set up outdoors, with amber vases for flowers and candles, white plates, layered with a large dried wreath, amber vintage goblets and brown plaid napkins

Or this Thanksgiving dinner

cutting board for placemat with white dinner plate stacked with brown transferware dinner plate the brown transferware salad plate on top white linen napkin tied with a brown stripe ribbon and handmade quote card on top butternut squash to left of plate and amber goblet to right of plate

It’s super easy and inexpensive to make, so let’s get to it.

supplies for an ice bucket with a faux pumpkin

white faux pumpkin to make a faux pumpkin ice bucket out of

You will need a faux hollow 12″ pumpkin (mine is 12″ tall and about 9 1/2″ wide)
a sharp knife

making your faux pumpkin into an ice bucket

Using a sharp knife, carefully cut the top off your pumpkin.

Make sure you cut where it begins to get wider so you have a large opening.

This should give you enough space to hold several canned or bottled drinks or a couple of wine bottles.

And will be wide enough to serve ice from.

how to use your ice bucket

You can use your pumpkin ice bucket to chill water bottles or any type of canned or bottled drinks.

faux pumpkin ice bucket filled with ice and 3 bottles of water

Or use it to chill a bottle of prosecco or wine.

faux pumpkin ice bucket filled with ice and a bottle of prosecco

Or fill it with ice, and add a scoop, to serve ice at your event.

variations for your ice bucket

I used a white faux pumpkin for my ice bucket, but these faux pumpkins are also available in orange if you prefer.

You can use a shorter and rounder pumpkin than mine, just make sure you have about a 9″ opening so it’s wide enough to hold your drinks and ice.

And that’s it! Super simple DIY that will add such a fun addition to all of your fall parties and events.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how to make an ice bucket with a faux pumpkin. I would love to hear if you try it.


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  1. Nancy Stoops says:

    That is such a cute idea! Thanks

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it!

  2. Oh just another super clever idea that runs through your brain everyday! Thank you for sharing this. So fun!

    1. Ha!! thanks so much Cindy! It’s so simple to make and fun to use for fall events!

    1. Thank you! It’s so simple to make and fun to use for fall events!

  3. Very clever idea for a beverage chiller. I would add an inner liner made from a beverage safe container, like a milk bottle to actually put the ice for beverages in. You don’t know what chemicals might leach out of the faux pumpkin.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing my pumpkin wine dispenser sweet friend!!

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