Fireplace Screen Makeover

I posted a picture of my fireplace and mantel recently on Instagram and I had lots of people message and ask questions about the fireplace screen, so I thought I would do a short blog post to answer questions about my fireplace screen makeover.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of pics of the painting and makeover process, so I will try and give as many details, as possible.

I bought this fireplace screen many years ago when my style was French Country and my colors were black, red and gold. I always loved it, but when my taste changed to a little less color, it just wouldn’t work, so into the closet it went. (Have I mentioned I don’t get rid of things??)

Fast forward several years, and 2 moves, I decided it was time to try to update and give it a face lift to fit my current style.

I used several colors of Annie Sloan chalk paint. French linen, Old White, and Paris Gray were the paint colors and then clear and brown wax to finish it off. Of course, there was a bit of distressing between paint and waxing.

Basically, I just started layering paint, using all three colors. As you can see the outside border is a bit lighter so that has a dry brush of the Old White on top of the layers of French Linen and Paris Gray. The ornate border edge is mainly Old White. I used the Old White to add some character in places all over the front. This is where it looks like splatters and smudges of the light color.

There is no rhyme or reason to this, just start layering paint, but letting it dry between the different colors. You can’t mess this up. You can always go back with more paint, and paint over parts you don’t care for.

When I was happy with the paint, I used a medium grit sandpaper and distressed in places along the edges. The final process was a layer of clear wax, then brown wax. I do this in sections, so the wax doesn’t completely dry and you can manipulate it easier. This is another reason to use clear wax first, then the brown. It makes the brown easier to wipe off and move around, in case you get too much.
I did a very light coat of the brown wax, because I didn’t want to alter the color too much. Just enough to highlight the details of the piece.

Lastly, I used an Iron Orchid Designs transfer on the front of this piece. Iron Orchid products are only sold through independent retailers and brick and mortar locations. This is a link to their site. You can search the products from this link and then call a shop and see if they have it in stock. You can click “find a retailer” to find a local shop or an online store.

These transfers are super easy to use and add a lot of character to a piece, so I use them fairly often on pieces that just need a little extra something.

I hope you find this post helpful and please message back if you have more questions about this piece. I would love to know if you try your own fireplace screen makeover. Keep an eye out for dated pieces at thrift stores, estate sales and resale/consignment shops and makeover one for yourself.

Again, my apologies for poor picture quality and no pics of the process. This was done years ago and I had no idea I would be posting about this.


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    1. Oh, you are so sweet to share this post!! Thank you so much for following along, commenting and sharing!! I truly appreciate it!

      Have a great weekend!

  1. Lana Bambico says:

    You inspire me! I am behind in my house..lots of red-gold-black

    I just started incorporating lighter colors to brighten the space. It already feels so much better! What I love most about your posts is how you take things already in your space and bring new life to them in such a fun inexpensive way.

    I would LOVE to have you come to the house and give me some direction on areas I could re-create. You have such a talent! I’m all about repurposing but you take it to such a different level!

    1. Oh, thank you so much Lana! So sweet for you to say. I would be happy to help you sometime.

      I love repurposing things I already have or reviving vintage finds.

      Thank you so much for following along and commenting!!!

      1. Stacey Vicary says:

        Hi, I don’t suppose you could try and replicate and sell me one of these? I’m
        In the uk so it maybe a big ask.

        1. Oh, I wish I could! I bought this many years ago, and did the makeover several years ago. I don’t even remember where it came from originally. I hope you can find something similar. 🙂

  2. I’m so happy I found this site. I have a fireplace much like yours and I’m looking for a firescreen. I bought a pretty pricey one and it just doesn’t look right. May I ask what the composition of the screen is? Is it wood? I ask as I may have to make one myself.

    1. Yes, it is wood or some type of resin. It’s hard to tell for sure though.

      So sorry for the delayed response. Thanks so much for following along and commenting!!

      Happy New Year!

  3. Debbie Huffstutter says:

    Did you wax before applying the transfer?

    1. Yes, the transfer was the last thing I did. I applied the paint layers, then distressed, finished with waxing then did the transfer last.

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