The Most Beautiful Boho Wedding Ceremony

A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo on Instagram of the head table at my daughter’s wedding. I had several questions and comments about it and it occurred to me I have never done a blog post about her wedding. So, I want to share the most beautiful boho wedding ceremony with you.

Of course, I am a bit biased, but follow along, and see what you think.

And on Thursday, I will be sharing the photos and details of the boho wedding reception. You don’t want to miss that!!

head table at a boho style wedding reception. cactus in clay pots create a runner down the center of a farm table, and vintage candlesticks are randomly placed along the pots

First of all, it was an evening that fairytales are made of!!

It was a Sunday evening in late October, and it had stormed all during the night before the wedding. The ceremony was to be outdoors and I remember praying during the night that the rain would pass.

We woke to clear skies, and the temperature was perfect! We could not have ordered better weather.

the wedding venue

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The venue is the most magical white barn called, The White Sparrow. It is on some land and far from other homes or structures and to the side of the barn is a lavender field with an adorable greenhouse in the center.

“first look” photos

The “first look” photos were taken among the lavender and beside the greenhouse.

the “would be” bridesmaids

10 bridesmaids and the bride all dressed in neutral color dresses standing in front of a greenhouse in a lavender field

The bride, my daughter, has so many friends and female cousins, she couldn’t choose who would be her bridesmaids. Either she would have had about 15 ladies standing with her or some hurt feelings, so she opted for no bridesmaids.

Since the bride and groom are both only children, this was a perfect solution!

She included all of her friends and cousins at all of the get togethers, showers, bachlorette weekend and getting ready before the wedding. A couple of the close friends helped plan things and make some decisions.

The bride chose a neutral color scheme for the wedding and asked the ladies to wear a dress in a neutral color. She suggested they wear something they already had rather than having to buy something new.

We could not believe how beautiful all of the dresses looked together for the photo. It looked as if they were carefully chosen to all work together.

the “would be” groomsmen

Groomsmen outdoors toasting the groom with a beer

And the grooms friends were asked to do the same. Don’t they all look so handsome raising a toast to the groom?

the wedding ceremony

The bride and groom also decided they wanted all the small children in the family to participate in the ceremony. Since there were two that were too little to walk, the mom or an older child carried them down the aisle.

boho ceremony decor

8 foot tall macrame backdrop for an outdoor style boho wedding

A sweet friend of mine made an 8 foot tall macrame backdrop and her husband made a wooden stand so it could be free standing. White roses and eucalyptus adorned the top, and large cactus in white urns stood on either side of the backdrop.

mix matched vintage chairs set up outside the wedding venue for a boho style wedding ceremony

guests seated at an outdoor wedding in mismatched vintage chairs

The ceremony took place outdoors behind the beautiful White Sparrow Barn. We rented mismatched vintage chairs and benches for the guests to be seated on, and bundles of eucalyptus hung on the aisle chair on every other row.

When I was 17 years old my husband gave me a vintage wicker plant stand for a birthday gift. I still have it, and we used it to place the bride’s bouquet in during the ceremony, since she didn’t have attendants standing with her.

Copper lanterns hung randomly from trees overhead. And one of my daughters closest friends played the cello along with a guitarist and a violinst during the ceremony.

We rented 3 vintage kilim rugs and layered them at different angles over a jute rug of mine, and placed them right in front of the macrame backdrop for the bride and groom to stand on during the ceremony.

the brides gown and bouquet

bride and groom standing with their backs to the audience in front of a macrame backdrop during the ceremony

I thought the dress she chose was perfect for her style and a boho style wedding! It was custom made at Dreamers and Lovers in California.

brides bouquet with a huge protea in the center

The bride opted for no flowers for the wedding other than the large protea in the center of her bouquet and the white roses on the macrame backdrop.

bride and groom walking away from the cermony of an outdoor boho style wedding

After the ceremony, the bride, groom and the families all gathered for photos, and the wedding guests were invited to a cocktail hour on the patio of the White Sparrow Barn.

I hope you enjoyed the details of the most beautiful boho style wedding ceremony. If you enjoyed the post, be sure and check back on Thursday for the most magical boho style wedding reception. As much as I loved the ceremony, the reception details are so beautiful and unique and might be my favorite!


Please share your thoughts and comments about this wedding ceremony. I love to hear from you!

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Beautiful wedding photography by Meggie Taylor Photography.

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  1. Michele so creative and beautiful! I can tell you’re creative touches were here.

    1. Thank you Rachel! It was so fun to plan and decorate for!

  2. Oh my golly, it’s simple yet gorgeous! I’ll have to send this over to my daughters who both will love it too. And how sweet for your husband to already know you so well at 17! Back then even though my hubs and I were together, he would have given me socks. He’s moved up to vacuums. Mhmm. The saying it’s the thought that counts is totally my life. LOL! Can hardly wait to see the reception! Thanks for sharing. Pinned

    1. Ha!! So funny, Cindy!
      And thanks so much for the kind words! Wedding reception details and photos coming tomorrow!

  3. What a truly beautiful wedding. I love the simplicity and warmth shown here. I have always felt the wedding business has run amuck over the years and become about more than what is really happening. congrats to your lovely daughter and her new husband.

    1. Thank you so much! And I couldn’t agree more. Weddings have really gotten so pricey and sometimes out of control.
      We tried to do as much as we could and only hire out what was necessary. Keeping the food simple, creating our own table centerpieces and thrifting dishes/glasses really helped keep costs down.

  4. So lovely and I so admire your daughter for not pouting and wanting” I want, “I want I want. ” She is a good catch for her hubby.

    1. Oh, thank you! She’s a pretty special lady, but he’s a great guy too.

    1. Thank you Karen! I really appreciate that. It truly was a perfect day!

  5. I loved how they chose not to have attendants but included everyone. Her dress was stunning and so modest, unlike so many you see today. Thank you for sharing. You should be very proud.

    1. Thanks so much! And I appreciate your kind words. Details about the reception tomorrow!

  6. so far…….. perfection!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! So kind of you to say. Be sure and check back tomorrow for the reception photos and details!

  7. Everything about this is amazing! Your daughter is gorgeous, just like her mama.

    1. Oh, thank you so much Renae! I really appreciate that!

  8. What a beautiful bride! Just like her mama. This wedding was so very beautiful! I love all the details and pinned some of the photos, as my middle son is getting married in November. How exciting that your daughter’s wedding was feature in the magazine. Thanks so much for sharing this!

    1. Thank you Kim! It was a wonderful day! So exciting that you son is getting married. It’s such a special time!

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