The Best Thrifting Ideas and How To Use Thrifted Items in Your Decor

Hey friends, I’m excited to share some of the best thrifting ideas and how to use thrifted items in your decor.

I’m joining 12 blogger friends and we’re talking all things thrifting. All of us love a good thrift store find and we have some great ideas for you.

We’re sharing everything from what to look for when your thrift shopping, how to start a booth business with your thrifted finds, and so many ideas for how to decorate with your vintage and thrifted treasures.

So follow along and let’s get this thrifting party started!

favorite thrift store finds piled on jute rug vintage book lid of brown transferware bowl wicker basket chippy corbels

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Finding Thrift Store Treasures and How To Use Them

Michele at Vintage Home Designs

thrifted treasures to use in home decor ironstone soup tureens

I have to say, I’m a bit obsessed with thrift store and estate sale shopping.

I love finding treasures at a bargain and creating unique ways to use them in my home decor.

Sometimes, they need a bit of a makeover or a facelift, but sometimes you get lucky and find a jewel that doesn’t need a thing.

Several months ago, I joined the ladies that host “Thrifting With The Gals” as a guest host, and shared some of my vintage thrifted treasures and how I have styled them in my home and also tips and tricks for finding thrift shops, and estate sales.

You can read my thrifting story, how I like to incorporate my vintage/thrifted finds in my home, and some tips for a day of thrifting here.

How To Start a Vintage Booth Business

Ann at Dabbling and Decorating

thrifted treasures to use in home decor

Ann is one of the hosts of Thrifting with the Gals and I was honored to join them earlier in the year to share some of my thrift store treasures.

In this post, Ann is sharing so many great ideas and tips for starting your own vintage booth business.

Ann loves thrifting and starting her own business was a great way for her to sell some of her vintage and thrift store treasures.

Be sure and read her post to get so much great info about starting your own business.

9 Easy Ways to Decorate with Thrifted Bread Boards

Robyn at Robyn’s French Nest

thrifted treasures to use in home decor

Robyn is a sweet friend and has one of my favorite accounts on IG. I actually got the opportunity to meet Robyn in person last summer at the Haven blogger conference in Atlanta.

Robyn is a sweet soul, has a beautifully curated home and has an amazing eye for decorating!

You don’t want to miss all of the wonderful ideas she has for decorating with thrifted bread boards.

She is also one of the great hosts of Thrifting with the Gals.

Top Thrifting Finds

Kristin at White Arrow’s Home

thrifted treasures to use in home decor

Kristin, another host of Thrifting with the Gals, lives in a log cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Her home is filled with cozy plaids and rustic furniture that is the perfect decor for her beautiful log cabin.

Pop over and see some of her favorite vintage finds and how she incorporates them into her decor.

Christmas At The French Farmer’s Wife

Rachel at The Ponds Farmhouse

thrifted treasures to use in home decor

My sweet friend Rachel and I share a love of vintage treasures. Rachel and I are also in a monthly virtual dinner club together and she is one of the hosts of ‘Thrifting with the Gals’.

Rachel is fortunate to live close enough to attend the French Farmer’s Wife Christmas sale each year. The sale is held in a barn and is filled with french farmhouse decor and european antiques.

Rachel has found so many amazing pieces including a beautiful antique wooden bowl and a vintage container she uses for her Christmas tree and you can see how she styled them here.

Decorating with Vintage Flower Frogs

Kelly at The Tattered Pew

thrifted items to use in home decor vintage flower frogs

Kelly at The Tattered Pew is sharing her amazing collection of vintage flower frogs.

She has so many great ideas and fun ways to use them.

I think that might be my new vintage piece to keep an eye out for!

And if you haven’t already read about how she came about the name “The Tattered Pew”, you should definitely take a look at that story.

Our Favorite Vintage Thrift Finds We Use To Decorate Our Homes

Anne & AnnMarie from Simply 2 Moms

thrifted treasures to use in home decor

Did you know that Anne and AnnMarie are best friends that live across the street from each other?

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and spending time with both of them on several occasions at blogger retreats and the Haven convention in Atlanta.

They are also in my monthly virtual dinner club group and I have truly enjoyed getting to know them and consider them friends.

Both of them enjoy thrifting and also shopping at their local antique mall and they’re sharing some of their favorite vintage finds and how they like to use them to decorate their homes.

Pop over and take a look at what they like to look for when thrifting and antiquing.

Ways To Decorate With Vintage Milkglass

Lora from Lora Bloomquist Create and Ponder

thrifted treasures to use in home decor milk glass collection

Lora at Lora Bloomquist Create and Ponder is a collector of vintage milkglass.

She often finds pieces to add to her collection at thrift stores.

Lora uses her milkglass pieces in super cute and creative ways and she’s sharing lots of ideas to display milkglass and incorporate it into your home decor.

Fun Ideas for Summer Season Decor Using Vintage Finds

Cindy from County Road 407

thrifted treasures to use in home decor

Cindy is a Texas girl who lives the country life and enjoys crafting, home decor and DIY’s.

She loves all things vintage and has some great ideas for using thrifted and vintage finds to decorate your home for the summer months.

Check out all of the amazing pieces she has collected and the clever ways she displays them.

Spring Thrift Store Home Decor Haul

Jennifer at Cottage On Bunker Hill

thrifted treasures to use in home decor

Jennifer is a New England girl and enjoys decorating, DIY’s and budget shopping.

She has some great tips for things to keep in mind while thrifting and also a great list of things to look for at thrift stores.

Today Jennifer is sharing one of her thrift store hauls and how she styled the treasures she found.

Home Decor Thrifting Tips and Unique Items to Look For

Jessica from Old Barn Company

thrifted treasures to use in spring home decor

Jessica, another Texas girl, has a background in architecture and designed her home that she and her husband built just a few years ago.

Her home is amazing and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely pop over and take a look.

She loves thrifting and has a great story about how her love for thrifting began when she was a young girl.

She also shares some great tips for thrifting and things to look for.

Amazing Vintage Finds that You Won’t Believe

Renee from Peacock Ridge Farm

thrifted treasures to use in home decor

Renee has a beautiful barn on her property at Peacock Ridge Farm.

She and her husband spent 1 1/2 years designing and building the barn and searching for the perfect vintage pieces to furnish it.

She found so many treasures, including a beautiful vintage chandelier that completed her vision for this beautiful space.

Be sure and take a look at how it turned out and what she did with her vintage treasures.

How To Create a Cottage Style Vignette with Vintage Finds

Jen from Midwest Life and Style

thrifted treasures to use in home decor

Jen lives in the heartland with her husband and 2 daughters.

She enjoys sharing budget friendly home decor ideas, DIY’s, and amazing recipes.

Jen, is another blogger friend that is part of my monthly dinner club and she creates some beautiful tablescapes, as well.

Today, she’s sharing some great ideas for creating a cottage style vignette using thrifted items.

I’m so glad you stopped by and I hope you enjoyed this post about the best thrifting ideas and how to use thrifted items in your decor.

Be sure and take the time to check out all of my friends amazing ideas, tips, and styling techniques with their thrifted treasures.


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  1. Oh I remember that post and loved the soup tureens, the transferware and the white Christmas tree! And I’m so mad I could spit. I totally forgot about the white Christmas tree dang it! Well there’s always the after Christmas sales. Fingers crossed I find one and grab it. Looking forward to seeing more treasures in 2023! And seeing where you put them! 😉

    1. Thanks so much Cindy! And I hope you find a tree this year!!

  2. You always have the best vintage finds, Michele. And I love how you style them in your home!

    1. Thanks Jen! It’s definitely a passion and my favorite hobby.

  3. Michele
    We enjoyed having you join us last year. I hope you’ll participate in 2023 as well. We’d to have you join us. Merry Christmas

    1. Thanks so much for including me Rachel! I’ve already signed up.

    1. I agree Jennifer! So many fun treasures.

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