Saturday Morning Gather #75: A little of this and a little of that

gath•er: to come together or bring together into one group, collection or place. 

Good Morning, and Happy Saturday! I’m so happy you could join me for Saturday Morning Gather today!

pink hydrangeas

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Good Morning friends!!

Where in the world is 2024 going??

I feel like it is flying by and the Texas summer heat is about to move in and stay like an uninvited guest.

If you are new here, welcome.

Saturday Morning Gather is my weekly newsletter where I share what is going on at Vintage Home and also share inspiration and things I have found during the week that I think you might enjoy.

If you’ve been around a while, as always, I am so grateful to you! I truly appreciate you showing up and continuing to support my blog.

Gather round and grab your coffee or favorite morning drink of choice and let’s take a look at what’s been happening this week.

on the blog….

On the blog this week, I shared a fun tablescape for the Kentucky Derby.

Did you know the derby race is today??

My dinner club decided on a derby day theme this month and we shared lots of ideas and inspiration for hosting your own gathering.

A Thrifted and Budget Friendly Table for the Kentucky Derby

white dinner plate stacked with white salad plate folded napkin on top and gold horseshoe on blue and white check placemat and mint julep cup beside plate for Kentucky Derby place setting

We also shared some Southern classic recipes that are perfect for anytime, but would be great to serve at a Kentucky Derby party.

I was responsible for the drink this month, so of course, it had to be a mint julep!

I created my version of the signature cocktail of the Kentucky Derby.

Traditional Mint Julep with a Lemonade Twist

The drink is so refreshing and delicious, and even if you don’t typically like bourbon, you might be surprised at how much you enjoy this cocktail!

mint julep cocktail in silver julep cup with mint sprig garnish on white platter with lemon slice and mint sprig

in other random news…

I had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed and have a home tour video done in my home this week.

I can’t quite share the details yet, but I look forward to sharing that with you in the coming weeks when it is published.

My husband and I are headed to Carmel, California for a little getaway in the morning and I cannot wait.

Carmel is one of my favorite places!

We have some friends that will be there, as well, so the guys will be golfing and the girls will be shopping.

The last time we were there, Clint Eastwood was having dinner at his restaurant Mission Ranch, and he stopped by our table to visit.

Hopefully, we will run into him again!

peach tree

The peach tree in my backyard is so loaded with peaches a lot of the limbs are literally touching the ground.

They will be ripe very soon, so I can’t wait to come home next week and pick fresh peaches!

and some other amazing things I found….

this caesar pasta salad looks so good and I can’t wait to try it…

these great tips for pinching your flower seedlings to promote larger plants…

flower cutting garden

these adorable bird feeders made from a teacup and saucer

this cool solar garden light DiY

I just got this book and I love this beautiful cover

Together at the Table Book

I just ordered another one of these beautiful linen duvet covers. I have the linen color with ties in my guest room, but recently got the ruffle trim one in a dusty blue color for my bed.

I can’t wait to get it put on my bed and show you!!

linen bedding in guest bedroom

I hope you found some inspiration at our Saturday Morning Gather today!

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  1. Sue Osborne says:

    I’m new here, enjoying your blog so far, but NO, I will not be watching the Derby, or any other horse race. As a horse lover and former owner, I cannot support what racing has become, and might have always been, but we just didn’t know about.
    Check out how many horses died or were put down at Churchill Downs in the last few years. Also at Saratoga, NY and at racetracks in California and other states. They are being over bred, over worked, drugged and then killed.
    Have a May Celebration- it is Spring, the birds and bees are back, the sun and flowers are with us. But please do not make it about horse racing.

    1. Thanks so much for following, and I’m so glad you have been enjoying the blog.

      As far as the horse racing, I certainly didn’t intend for a post to be all about horse racing.

      I was just mentioning that the race was coming up and pointing to a recent tablescape I created with a horse racing theme because that was the theme last month for my dinner club.

      I didn’t even watch the race, and I hate that any mistreatment is happening.

      And yes, Spring is certainly a wonderful time of year and I have enjoyed beautiful weather this week and taken in every breath of the scents of Spring.

      Have a lovely week!

  2. Have a great time this weekend Michele. Time away is so important!

    1. Thanks so much Cindy! It was so wonderful!

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