How We Renovated An Airbnb Cottage – Part Three

I hope you’ve been enjoying seeing our little cottage transformation series over the past week. It’s been so fun going back through the details and photos to share them with you! Come along for “How We Renovated An Airbnb Cottage – Part Three.

Today, I want to share the smallest bedroom, which has a full size bed, the bathroom for that particular bedroom, and the hallway between the queen and full size bedrooms.

If you missed “How We Renovated An Airbnb Cottage – Part One”, you can see that here.

white slipcovered sofa with vintage tobacco basket on wall white curtain panels light wood coffee table large square woven basket on coffee table with magazines and a white urn with dried flowers light tan area rug

And if you missed “How We Renovated An Airbnb – Part Two”, you can see that here.

king bed with linen bedspread and 5 linen pillows bench at foot of bed with white pumpkin gray shutters behind white nightstands on either side of bed and white lamps with burlap shades

hallway renovation

The hallway was part of the renovation we had to do to this house. As I explained in the last post, the house had an awkward layout for these two bedrooms. In order to enter the smaller bedroom (that I am referring to as the “full”), you had to go through the queen bedroom. It wasn’t really condusive for guests that might be staying in the house.

You literally had to go into one bedroom to access the door to the other.

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So, Mr. VH, built a hallway to separate the two bedrooms. Luckily, the queen bedroom was very large and had enough space to allow this.

You enter the hallway from the kitchen, and a door to the left enters the queen room, but if you walk to the end of the hallway, and turn right, you can now enter the smaller bedroom. This also accesses the other bathroom.

long hallway with white beadboard walls french style wall sconce with hyacinth shades white metal table dead lavender branch vintage book on top of table basket on bottom shelf of table vintage mirror hanging above table

We added beadboard paneling to create a little interest to the longer hallway, painted it white, and added a wall sconce for lighting.

I bought the wall sconce at a resale shop for $18. It was new, and a dark bronze color. So, I painted it light gray, added a layer of joint compound in places, to add some character and texture. Then I painted over the joint compound with gray paint again, sanded it a little so some of the white joint compound would show through, then finished it off with dark wax.

I found the cute hyacinth shades for $1 each at my local thrift store.

The white metal table was a $5 thrift store find, but the glass was missing, so I had a piece of glass cut for $16. And I love how this little table turned out.

white metal table dead lavender branch vintage book on top of table basket on bottom shelf of table vintage mirror hanging above table

The decor on top is literally a dead rosemary plant! When I dug it up last year, I liked the look/shape of it, so I kept it hoping to use it somehow. I added a small vintage book, and just kept it very simple.

The mirror at the end of the hall and over the small table was another gifted piece from my mom. It was part of a pair that attached to a dresser that matched the king headboard I showed in the master bedroom makeover a few days ago.

I painted it with several layers of paint (that I already had), distressed and waxed it, and I still can’t believe how different it looks.

The finishing touch in this hallway was this canvas wall hanging. This was a large wall that needed something, and I didn’t want to clutter it with a lot of things.

I remembered a canvas map that I bought at our neighborhood garage sale and thought it would be the perfect size. I really didn’t want a map, so I turned it over and wrote one of my favorite scriptures on it with a fabric marker.
(DIY post coming soon about that)

small hallway to bedroom

The small hallway outside the smallest bedroom didn’t need a whole lot, because there’s not much space here.

I had ordered a vintage turkish rug for the kitchen (which is up next on the tour) and the rug was going to be a bit long. So, I had the rug seller cut 2 feet off the rug and just send it to me with the larger rug.

turkish rug hanging on wall with oval gold frame mirror on top of rug small brown table below and vintage soup tureen and tray on table

My plan was to use it by the back door, but I had this idea when I was looking for wall decor to hang it at the end of the hall. A friend suggested a gold framed mirror to hang on top of it, and luckily, I had one already. And yes, another thrifted find.

The table below the rug was a garage sale purchase. The top of the table was discolored and the rest of the table was darker than I wanted, so I sanded down the top and bleached the rest of the piece, to lighten it just a little.

I topped it off with a vintage soup toureen and tray I bought in Round Top, Texas at a tent sale for $15.

small dark wood table at end of white hallway with vintage soup tureen on top

small (full size bed) bedroom

We added a shower to the bathroom that joins this room, because it was originally just a 1 1/2 bath and we really needed 2 full baths for a 3 bedroom rental.

We lost space in this bedroom, that was already fairly small, in order to accomodate the shower. So, we removed a long narrow closet that was along one wall.

We could only fit a full size bed and 1 nightstand. But I kind of love how quaint and cozy it is.

full size bed with cream bedspead 3 cream euro shams and 1 decorative neutral color lumbar pillow vintage frame over bed with reindeer moss wreath and 2 white plates inside frame white nightstand to left of bed with lamp and vase of flowers

The chenille bedspread was a thrifted find, as was the matelasse coverlet at the end of the bed.

Two euro shams in the back were purchased at Homegoods and the euro sham in front was also thrifted.

The decorative pillow in front was one from my own home. I bought this several years ago from Moon Rein Bedding collection.

I kept the wall decor very simple and used some things I already had. The frame was a thrifted find and was bright gold. I painted, distressed and dark waxed it very much like the lamp bases and mirror at the end of the hallway, to give it an aged french style.

I finished off the look with a small reindeer moss wreath and 2 vintage salad plates.

full size bed with cream bedspead 3 cream euro shams and 1 decorative neutral color lumbar pillow vintage frame over bed with reindeer moss wreath and 2 white plates inside frame white nightstand to left of bed with lamp and vase of flowers

The woven trunk at the end of the bed was a freebie. My seamstress had it sitting out for trash, so I nabbed it.

Unfortunately, the rug from Target is no longer available.

edge of full size bed with cream color bedding small white nightstand with basket on bottom shelf and lamp and vase of flowers on table

The headboard was a Facebook Marketplace find for $20. I added a layer of white wax to lighten it just a little.

The nightstand was thrifted, and was a terrible color, so I painted it white, and distressed just a bit.

I added a basket to the bottom shelf that I already had. It is part of a set of nesting baskets from Piper Classics.

The lamp is another $5 thrifted lamp that I did a makeover on. It was a dark color, so I added a very thick coat of cream color paint, then a thick layer of light gray paint. As the thick paint dries, it will crack.

I very sparingly added dark brown wax, which settles in those cracks and creates a beautiful aged look.

garland made from vintage book pages and hanging in front of window

An architectural wood trim piece was added to the top of both windows. And a garland I made out of vintage book pages was just a fun addition.

corner of bedroom with a cane back chair throw pillow wicker trunk on floor

There was just enough space to add this cane back chair in the corner and I added wall hooks for guests to use since there isn’t a closet anymore.

I painted and recovered the seat of this chair about 10 years ago, and it’s been in my own home. The sweater pillow was thrifted.

bathroom with new shower added

As I already mentioned, we added the shower to this bathroom. It is a 3’x4′ shower and we used footage from the bedroom.

The photo on the left shows the shower being framed in, and the photo on the right is the new finished shower.

view into bathroom from bedroom light wood floors white rugs wicker hamper

This view shows into the bathroom from the bedroom and the shower is immediately on the right, then it goes into the toilet/sink area.

As you can see in the photo on the left, this bathroom was very dated.

I painted the walls white, replaced the light fixture and towel rack and painted the trim of the medicine cabinet.

I wanted to remove the medicine cabinet but it is recessed in the wall and would have required quite a bit of repair.

So, I improvised and used gold Rub n Buff to update it a little. I framed it out with a vintage gold frame I had on hand.

The brass light fixture I bought at a garage sale for $5. It had globes with it, but that was a dated look, so I decided to use it without the globes.

bathroom view of toilet vanity gold framed mirror woven open shelves 3 neutral flower prints wicker hamper

I found the woven wall shelves at TJ Maxx for $14 each, and I added bathroom essentials that traveling guests might need and extra tissue.

The paper flower wall art was from my own home. I bought them several years ago at Target.

And the woven hamper and wastebasket were thrifted.

cheesecloth window treatment

Since I don’t love mini blinds and was trying to camoflauge them, I used some yardage of cheesecloth fabric from my fabric stash to create a unique window treatment.

I hung a tension rod and white curtain ring clips then folded the cheesecloth over and clipped it to the rings. No sewing required!

I love the subtle airy touch it adds to this space.

exterior of front of white painted brick cottage with green front door with jute wreath 2 white rockers white table and 2 white chairs 2 white urns with large pumpkins on top

I’m so happy you are here and I hope you’re enjoying seeing the transformation of this little cottage! If you have questions, please ask away, in the comments below.


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A special thank you to my sweet friends at Farmhouse Living for taking some of the photos of our little cottage.

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