How to Make a Pinecone Christmas Tree

I have a collection of neutral Christmas trees and I love adding to it every year. Especially, when I can make it. I recently made one to add to my collection and want to share how to make a pinecone Christmas tree.

I found some really cute tiny pinecone Christmas ornaments and thought they would be perfect! They had some with a bit of white on the tip and also had some without the white. Since most of my tree collection is light color, I chose the white tips.


supplies for making a pinecone tree

For this project you will need a Christmas tree shaped form, glue gun and pinecones. I already had this papier mache form on hand, so I used that. You could also use a stirofoam shape, but the advantage to this brown one, is that it doesn’t show between the pinecones as much since it is closer in color to them than the stirofoam would be.

I found tiny pinecone Christmas ornaments at Dollar General for $1.00 for a package of 12. It took about 6 boxes for this 14″ tree. If you are fortunate enough to live where there are pine trees and can find very small pinecones, then that’s even better.

step one

tiny pinecones for making pinecone Christmas tree

Since these pinecones were ornaments, they came with a loop for hanging. I started by cutting the loop off of all the pinecones.

step two

Next, I started hot gluing the pinecones around the base, putting them as close together as possible.

I continued the process, one row at a time, all the way to the top.

pinecone Christmas tree

When I got to the top of the tree form, I cut the point down.

pinecone Christmas tree

This created a flatter surface and made it easier to glue a pinecone at the top. (Sorry, for the blurred photo.)

finished tree

pinecone Christmas tree

I have so many other neutral trees to add to this when I get my Christmas decor out, but this gives you the idea.

I love how it turned out!!

Obviously, you could make any size pinecone Christmas tree you can find a form for.

I hope you enjoyed this post about how to make a pinecone Christmas tree, and would love to know if you try making your own! As always, I love hearing from you.


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pinecone Christmas tree


    1. Oh, good! Would love to know if you try it!!

    2. So cute! Hopefully I can get one made but if not it will be on my to do list next year! Thanks for sharing this DIY! Merry Christmas ­čÄä!

      1. Oh, good! So glad you enjoyed!!

        Merry Christmas!

  1. Oh, I love this! It turned out great, and I can’t believe how cheap it was! I love having some neutral decor because it goes with absolutely anything. I may be looking for some of those pine cone ornaments at my own Dollar General soon. ­čśë

    1. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. My pine cones came off the form. I got glued them in, but a few came off. Any suggestions?

    1. Oh wow, sorry that happened, I haven’t had that happen to mine yet. Maybe a heavier duty glue for the ones that fell off. I think Gorilla Glue is pretty heavy duty and they have one that is fast drying.

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