How to Make a Cornhusk Wreath

I had so much fun creating this wreath for my fall decor, that I wanted to share how to make a cornhusk wreath with you!!

Last year in the late summer, my friend Shannon (aka My Little White Barn) and I went to a cornfield planning to cut down cornstalks for our fall decor. We drove 1 1/2 hours only to arrive at a cornfield that had already been harvested, so there we sat looking at a mowed down cornfield for as far as you could see!


We decided to make the best of it (even though it was about 100 degrees that day), so we gathered tons of the cornhusks that were left scattered all along the field. Some still had corn on them, but most of them were just the husks.


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We used the cornhusks to make wreaths for our fall decor and to sell at our barn sale last fall.

With a wire wreath form, some neutral color pipe cleaners and several corn husks we created beautiful and one of a kind wreaths. Each wreath is completely different and that’s one of the things I really love about them.

I already had a 24″ wire wreath form on hand, so I used that to make one for myself. I was planning to use it on my front door, which is really wide, and the size was perfect.

cornhusk wreath

Last year, my wreath hung on the front door, but this year I decided I wanted it on the barn doors inside my living room, but I needed another one the same size.

I had trouble locating a large wreath form at any of my local craft stores, so I ordered it here.

I had saved a garbage bag full of the husks, so I already had everything else I needed.

Although the wreaths don’t exactly match, they are basically the same size. And as I mentioned, the uniqueness of each one, is what I love about them.

supplies for making cornhusk wreath

cornhusk wreath making supplies

To make this wreath, you will need a wire wreath form. Any size will work. It just depends how big you want your wreath to be. Keep in mind, it will come out a bit larger than the wreath form.

You will also need neutral pipe cleaners, wire cutters or scissors and corn husks. You can use any type wire for this project, I just used the neutral pipe cleaners because they were easy to work with and didn’t show.

step one

directions for making a corn husk wreath

You will wire the first husk to your wreath, then start layering them and tie them on one at a time. Overlap each husk over the previous one. This will hide the wire where you have attached them to the wreath.

directions for making a cornhusk wreath

This is what your husk will look like from the back side. There is no right way to do this, just make sure it is pulled tight to the wreath form.

cornhusk wreath making supplies

Here is another picture of some I used that had a bit more stalk attached to them. You can leave part of the stalk, or just cut it shorter.

It just totally depends on the overall finished look you want.

wreath in progress

This is a photo of the entire base covered by overlapping the cornhusks.

I wanted the wreath to be a bit more full and all of the wire form to be completely covered, so I added a few more husks in between and also hot glued a few pieces here and there, just to fill in.

finished cornhusk wreath

cornhusk wreath

I love the statement these large wreaths using natural elements make!!

large barn doors in living room with cornhusk wreaths on them

And I love how they turned out on the huge barn doors in my living room!!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial for “how to make a cornhusk wreath” and try one of your own.

If you make one, I would love to hear about it!

blessings and happy fall,

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how to make a cornhusk wreath DIY

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    1. Thank you for sharing my friend!!

  1. Love it, love the adventure too! We don’t have corn fields around Denver! Might need to take a road trip on I70 for a day! ha! laura

    1. Oh, thank you! They were so fun to make. You should definitely try one if you can get your hands on some corn.

  2. Gorgeous! I have never made a corn husk wreath. The wreaths look stunning on your barn doors.

    1. Thanks Renae! They were fun to make!

  3. I love this wreath Michele! I really need to make one for the fall season. I would love to share this in my weekly wrap-up Saturday.

    1. Thanks so much Kim! I would be honored for you to share it!

  4. Oh I love this wreath. Nature is the best to decorate with, isn’t it? Pinned!

    1. Thanks so much Cindy! I’m so glad you like them!

  5. So pretty, Michele!! They look stunning on those huge barn doors! Such a simple craft for fall!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I’m so glad you like them!

  6. Michele,
    I just made one of these yesterday. Yours looks beautiful! Mine is wild. I’ll be sharing next week. You’ll see what I mean.

    1. Oh, I’ll bet it’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see it!

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