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I love finding new ways to organize and clean my home, and I want to share some easy and budget friendly organizing ideas and tips with you.

I hope you find some inspiration and ideas you can incorporate in your own home.

organizing and cleaning ideas

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spice cabinet refresh

messy unorganized spice cabinet

The tips and ideas I’m sharing today are for a spice cabinet refresh.

It’s that time of year when I like to do an organizing update of my home.

I’ve been working on cleaning out and organizing my kitchen recently.

My spice cabinet was needing a refresh, so let me share some products and budget friendly ideas I used.

where to start with a spice cabinet refresh

I started by completely emptying the cabinet.

Then, I checked expiration dates on everything. I had expired spices, duplicate ones, and some I have no idea why I even had them.

I threw out any expired spices and any I had acquired and will never use.

One tip is to keep a list going of spices you are low on or throwing out, so you can replace them.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting into a recipe and realizing you don’t have the right spice!

Next, wipe down the shelves of the cabinet.

This is a good time to replace shelf paper liner, if you use that.

products for an organized spice cabinet

clear spice jars with bamboo lids for spice cabinet refresh

I wanted a really clean and uncluttered look so I searched online for spice jars and came up with these clear jars with bamboo lids. 

I also reused some spice jars I already had by removing the stock label and adding a label to match the new jars. 

These are what a lot of my jars looked like, and luckily the labels came off pretty easily.

I switched all the spices over to the new jars and/or these old ones I repurposed then created labels using my dymo label maker.

double layer bamboo turntable

I ordered 2 of these bamboo double turntables. My cabinet is fairly narrow, so I could only fit 1 turntable per shelf.

clear spice jars with bamboo lids filled with spices and black labels with spice names

These are the new, shorter jars, after I added the labels.

clear spice jars with metal lids filled with spices and black labels with spice names

And these are the old jars after I had washed them, removed the old labels and added the new labels.

Another tip is to put your spices in alphabetical order so they are easier to find. It can get time consuming to have to go on a hunt for the spice you are looking for.

clear spice jars filled with spices labeled with black labels with spice names on them on bamboo double layer turntable

And, voila’, just like that, a brand new spice cabinet look.

I love how the look of the new jars and old jars compliment one another.

Since I used the same labels they work well together.

And by repurposing the old spice jars it was a very cost effective refresh.

I hope you enjoyed these easy and budget friendly organizing ideas and tips for a spice cabinet refresh.


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clear spice jars with bamboo lids for spice cabinet organizing

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  1. A great idea with the lazy susan. My spice cabinet needs some work. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Tammy! So glad you liked it.

  2. Great tips Michele! Your new jars are so cute, and I love the bamboo turntable! So creative to use jars you already had and put the same labels on them for a cohesive look!

    1. Thanks Donna! It was definitely more cost effective to reuse the old jars.

  3. I love how you could make even your spice cabinet look cute. I love everything about this project. Especially the little wooden-topped jars.

    1. Thanks Lynn! I thought those were so cute too.

  4. My spice cabinet needs an overhaul desperately! These are great tips Michele!

    1. Thanks Nicolle! So glad you found some inspiration.

    1. Thanks so much Niky, and so glad you joined us!

  5. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone with alphabetizing the spices. Hubby thought I was crazy, but now that he’s retired and taken over the weeknight meals, he sees the point! (I have resisted wagging my Told-You-So finger at him . . . . so far)

    1. It definitely helps. It makes me crazy to have to search for the spice I need!

  6. Those are great little jars Michele and they look like the perfect size. I’ll need to tackle my spices after I finish the bathroom.

    1. Thanks Wendy! It feels so good to get things organized.

  7. You might just have the prettiest spice cabinet, Michele! Those jars you found work perfectly with the ones you already had and I love the turn tables. You have inspired me to work on my spice cabinet.-Meagan

    1. Oh good! I’m so glad you found some inspiration here.

    1. Oh, good! So glad you liked it and found some inspiration.

  8. Michele, your spice cabinet is both lovely and functional! What a great idea to make new labels for your existing spice jars to coordinate with the new ones!

    1. Thank you Kim! I was happy with how it turned out.

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