Bed Linen Layering 101

Don’t you just love a beautifully layered bed??

Yeah, me too!! So, I wanted to share a bed linen layering idea that I use for all of my beds.

I have a waterfall bedspread on my master bed. Once my bed is made and bedspread is on, I start with the pillows we sleep on. I really don’t like for them to show, because it seems to distract from all the pretty pillows and bedspread.

A few years ago it dawned on me that I could use something pretty to cover them and it would just add another layer to the bed.

I found a Peacock Alley throw blanket with a gauzy ruffled edge at my local Tuesday Morning store. They had a few different colors, and I purchased the natural linen color.

The length of it was perfect for my queen size bed, but it was too wide, so I just folded it in half lengthwise, and it was perfect. Keep this in mind when purchasing one for your own bed. If you have a king size bed, you will want to make sure the coverlet/throw you choose is long enough to stretch across the width of your bed and completely cover the sides of the pillows.

Another option would be a drop cloth, folded in half, if you like a more comfortable and relaxed look. You could even sew a ruffle if you want a more romantic look.

Table runners, and tablecloths (folded in half) would be great options too.

My husband and I each have 2 pillows, so I lay them flat and stack on top of each other, then I drape my throw over the top.

I use 2 small rectangle pillows (sometimes called lumbar size) on top of the stacked pillows for my first layer of decorative pillows. The reason for this is, when I start layering pillows in front of the stacked ones, it looks a little strange because they are so far from the headboard. If I use larger pillows on top of the stacked pillows, they are too tall and cover too much of the headboard. The smaller pillows are the perfect solution.

The side I have showing is technically the back, but I love the buttons showing. It just adds a bit of character.

The second layer is a set of euro shams. All of my decorative pillows on this bed are washable linen. This set has a ruffled edge, but it’s hard to see in this picture because they are linen and very drapey. I love the relaxed look of them.

The third layer is a set of linen pillow cases in a tan/cream buffalo check. I used a standard size, so the euro pillows behind them will still show. You can find these on Etsy here. They have other pillow sizes and also bedskirts in this fabric.

For my final layer of pillows, I use a standard size linen pillow with ruffled edges in the front and center. I had this one monogrammed with a thread color that goes with my natural linen colored bedspread and the check pillow cases.

All of the decorative linen pillows are from Amity Home, except for the buffalo check ones.

The waterfall bedspread is Pine Cone Hill, but Amity Home has a great one too! The Amity Home option is also washable linen, which is a plus with small kiddos and pets.

Lastly, I add a folded blanket or throw across the bottom of my bed. In the winter months I use a furry blanket or a chunky knitted throw, and in the warmer months I use a lightweight vintage white quilt or gauzy throw.

So, just a refresher of a few unique tips….
1. Use a throw or tablerunner to cover the pillows you sleep on.
2. Turn pillows around and expose the buttons on the backside, (if they have them) just to add a little character.
3. Use small lumbar pillows on top of your sleeping pillows once you have covered them.

I hope these tips give you some inspiration to give your beds a little refresher.

blessings and happy layering,


    1. Thanks so much Linda! I truly appreciate you following along and your kind words!!

  1. Dawn Singleton says:

    Where did you get the waterfall bedspread? I must find it! Thanks much!

    1. It is from Pinecone Hill. So glad you like it!!

  2. Beautiful! I am so in love with this idea. Thanks for sharing

    1. Oh, good! So glad you liked it.

      Thank you so much for following along and commenting!

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